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5* Service

October 31, 2017

Alba_Gu_Brath25 said:

We booked a airport transfer and were greeted with a cold towel, bottle of water and Coca Cola for our journey to the hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel we were welcomed with a cold towel and refreshing drink. Fantastic service by Amata.

The room was so beautiful. It is decorated with great attention to detail, was furnished with high quality fittings and quirky objects. It was a very romantic stay.

The swimming pool was large, had plenty of sun loungers and provided towels for you to use. 

The restaurant was very reasonable priced with excellent food which was beautifully presented. At dinner you were greeted with a warm towel and top ups of water whenever your glass was empty. The service was amazing! One negative is there were beetles falling off the electric lights and onto the table which can become very annoying.

For breakfast you pre-ordered the night before and it this was also amazing and very well presented. It seemed like 5 courses for breakfast and food just keep coming and coming! 

The hotel organised the Borobudur sunrise tour which the hotel drops you off at 4.30am and picks you back up when your finished. Unfortunately we were unable to see the sunrise due to heavy cloud but I would recommend to beat the large crowds that follow on opening hours!. We arrived back at the hotel at 8.00am for breakfast. 

The hotel also organised a Yogya city tour which involved us visiting Prambanan temple and being dropped off at the airport in the evening for our flight home. Again during our private tour we were given bottles of water and a refreshing cold towel. Such good service!

One recommendation we would make for Amata would be for the hotel to describe the massages that they offered and also in comparison to other spa facilities we visited (Karsa Spa in Ubud) the prices were quite expensive.

Amata Borobudur Resort was like a 5* hotel all due to their fantastic service and overall quality. We had a relaxing stay and wished we could of stayed longer! A must stay if visiting Borobudur and highly recommend.

driftingstars Jakarta, Indonesia said:

Everything good thing you read about Amata Borobudur resort is true.
We had our doubts before visiting because on many previous occasions, the positive reviews on other properties often raised our expectations too high and we were duly disappointed.
Amata, however, far surpassed what has thus far been written.
To qualify my following comments, I have to emphasise that this resort is not for the budget-conscious; it is, however, worth everything that you are willing to pay.
The location is near Borobudur Temple, and a comfortable shuttle will bring you to catch the sunrise in good time. But this location also therefore means it is about 90 minutes away from the airport and Prambanan Temple, which means any visit to the city will need to start and end early if you wish to make it back with time to sufficiently.
We found this actually worked to our advantage because we could experience the liveliness of the city as well as the quiet ambience of rice fields at night.
Your evening will be accompanied by prayer calls that echo through the entire Yogjakarta, and your night with the chirping of insects.
A roaring motorcycle may disrupt your moment of peace, but this is usually so loud you will experience in any other hotel in the area so there’s really not much a traveller can do about it.
The resort is always clean, always well maintained, and the great service of the staff is the icing on the cake that makes the stay all the more enjoyable.
If you want a relaxing evening meal, look no further than the resort’s own restaurant. We were so pleased we decided to test out every item on the menu just so to see if we could find anything that was actually bad (we didn’t) because it seemed to us so unbelievable that food in an Indonesian resort for this price could be this delightful.
I will not describe the rooms in detail so you can be surprised should you choose to stay, but you will probably be pleased that this little gem tucked away in the middle of paddy fields can be such an attraction in itself.
One word of caution though: head out for the airport early. Traffic to town can take longer than expected and the roads leading to the terminals are usually very packed. A buffer of two hours before your check-in time at the airport will allow you to enjoy the ride and not worry about the time.

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